- When necessary, materials are ground to 3/8 inch flake size for further processing

1st Elutriation
- Materials are processed through an elutriator to remove light fractions such as labels or fine particles (also known as Air Separation)

Wash and Sink/float
- Materials are washed in a solution of hot water, caustic and surfactant. The wash system is designed to mimic the wash and sink/float process of commercial facilties.

Air Dry
- Washed materials are air dried at room temperature

2nd Elutriation
- A second elutriation is performed to remove any remaining light fractions

Material Blends
- Flake materials are blended with virgin resin according to APR protocol

Desiccant Drying
- Materials are dried in a desiccant dryer to achieve moisture levels below 50ppm

Extrusion and Solid State Polymerization
- If required by protocol, materials are extruded and pelletized. The resulting pellets are then crystallized and processed in an SSP vessel per APR protocol

Injection Molding
- Flake or pellet materials are injection molded into plaques or preforms depending on the APR protocol requirement. Other options include extrusion of materials into fiber or sheet