Evaluating Recycling Equipment

Examples of ServicesPFE plays a key role in numerous technology upgrades of existing manufacturing and recycling facilities. We develop design specifications, provide complete project management. Our foundation in manufacturing fundamentals is utilized in a broad range of projects. These facilities often represent strategic alliances between PFE and the client. This arrangement allows companies an opportunity to benefit from a customized solution for their need without bearing the total cost of engineering their solution. Customized solutions often include specific technologies or processes and protocols engineered and tested in PFE's lab and pilot facility. We then scale-up test results to a full commercial implementation.

PFE is also creating new standards, processes and technologies, plus access to cost-effective opportunities in the PET recycled content area. Technologies for recycled content are a major initiative in the plastics industry. PFE is responding to the needs of resin producers, bottle manufacturing companies, recyclers, and investors, while providing industry-wide leadership to move economically and environmentally forward.

Building Strategic Relationships

Building Strategic Relationships

PFE assisted a major carpet manufacturer producing 200 million lbs. of polyester fiber per year from used PET post consumer waste. PFE provided the technical know-how and engineering to assist in a self-manufacturing initiative. This Project represents an excellent example of PFE's ability to see the complete business and process model from building the plant to licensing the technology.

PFE has designed and built both small and large PET recycling facilities that handle 20M lbs. per year of recycled material utilized for the production of food and beverage bottles. When PFE was called in, consumer products companies needed a solution for packaging regulations. After 25 years in the business of producing polyester products PFE had the experience to design, engineer and develop a facility to process the post consumer material.

PFE establishes lasting business relationships by providing a wide range of services and a thorough understanding of the industry. Commercial development often spawns from consulting with and listening to clients, then performing research and engineering to identify solutions and often avert disasters, and then work with the client to implement the solutions. Many of these relationships involve confidentiality agreements and exchanges of proprietary information.