Overview of Capabilities

Overview of Capabilities Many of the challenges our clients in plastics packaging and recycling face require an applied R & E approach. PFE applies a systematic approach to moving concepts from the drawing board to the plant floor. Other clients need to test existing products or materials confidentially for compliance with specific industry protocols; PFE maintains a fully staffed analytical laboratory and pilot facility to reproduce the plant floor industrial environment. For that reason PFE can effectively test, evaluate and validate solutions to existing client issues as well as develop new processes. Our core R & E process model is below.

PFE Research & Engineering Process Model

PFE applies our process model to two main R & E business segments, Recycling and Packaging. Following this process is the key to ensuring accurate and reliable results from our lab and pilot facility.

PFE Research & Engineering Process Model

PFE State of the Art Lab

PFE State of the art Laboratory

Process knowledge from over 25 years allows PFE to take results and solutions developed and tested in our lab and pilot facility and apply them in designing, engineering and commissioning various plastics processing plants. From blueprint to commercial business these plants represent a scale-up of the original R&E work. It becomes clear to many clients that R&E can serve as a bridge between consulting and developing a new or expanded business opportunity.