APR Bottle Platform Guidance

PFE conducts APR recyclability evaluations and testing using specific guidelines set by the APR. This allows bottle innovators, fabricators, plastics bottle designers and packaging decision-makers to understand how the packaging design decisions can affect container recyclability and to design packages to be compatible with the broadest range of recycling operations and technologies. The APR organization encourages the industry to test new bottle concepts and/or material launch according to the standards they have outlined for PET innovators. Some of the APR Evaluations and Tests along with links to more information are listed below:

APR Testing for PET resins APR Testing for PE & PP resins
PET Design for Recyclability HDPE Design for Recyclability
Labels Thermoforms
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The Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers

Additives, Coatings, Labels, Adhesives, and Multilayer Resins Evaluation Flow Schematic