Knowledge for Solutions

In order to develop customized solutions for clients, PFE must first understand the details of a client's business, its position in the market, its strengths, its challenges, and its objectives. We leverage our comprehensive knowledge of the industry to ask the right questions, understand the client's perspective and most importantly listen closely to their concerns. We consider and then offer solutions utilizing a team of dedicated professionals from a variety of disciplines with one common goal: provide our clients with solutions to produce higher quality products for the marketplace and realize higher efficiencies, cost savings and profits for their company. With this approach PFE establishes ongoing relationships with clients who trust PFE time and again to assist them in meeting challenges to grow their businesses.

Types of Training

Seminars Webinars
Overview of Mission Overview of Mission

Plastics Forming Enterprises offers seminars addressing and offering insights into current issues affecting PET recycling and PET packaging. The seminar is targeted for either a management/strategic planning audience or a technical audience.

Areas of Concentration

Resins and Additives Labels
Training Seminars Training Seminars
Thermoforms Quality Audits
Training Seminars Training Seminars